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About Us

All you don't need to know about the Black Lotus.

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Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.When the mists finally parted and revealed the majestic continent of Pandaria, the citizens of Azeroth were in for many surprises.

There were the enigmatic pandaren, of course, and their vast empire, with a history that went back before the Sundering. There was the mysterious waters of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, so full of magical energy that it sparkled and glowed, and enabled the farms in the Valley of the Four Winds to grow gigantic produce literally overnight. There were jinyu and hozen; saurok and mantid; violent yangol and quirky grummles too. There were giant beasts, powerful magics, secret artifacts, and more.

Honorable warriors of the Horde and steadfast fighters of the Alliance surged into Pandaria to plumb its mysteries and capture its spoils.

But the parting of the mists allowed something else to get out.

The Black Lotus

Logo of the Black Lotus with a gradient gray background.A clandestine group of thugs, hit men, thieves, spies, smugglers, runners, gamblers, bookies, slavers, and couriers had operated in Pandaria for millennia, and they've spread their business to the rest of Azeroth. After all, bigger markets mean bigger profits.

Of course, each one will deny—to his dying breath, if necessary—that such an organization even exists.

But when you need a job done that a mere mercenary can't do; when you need something or someone removed with surgical precision; when you need goods transferred between the factions without taxes or tariffs; when you need a secret message—or an obvious threat—delivered with total anonymity; when you need a jealous ex-spouse or even a chieftain of a warrior clan removed; you can whisper "Black Lotus" into the winds.

And you just might find that call answered.

For a price.

Out of Character Details

((The Black Lotus is way to add a bit of an unsavory or criminal element to your otherwise dreary role-playing in the World of Warcraft.

Currently, we operate solely on the Wymrest Accord (Americas) realm, with agents on both the Alliance and the Horde factions. Our agents role-play each with their own quirks and secret stories, and do the utmost to protect your anonymity.

We are not a guild.

Our members lead perfectly ordinary lives in their own guilds, and have perfectly typical role-play on their own time. But, when called to a job, they will get it done with absolute finality.


Here are just a few of the services we offer using in-game mechanics and role-play:

  • Anonymous message delivery
  • Anonymous threat delivery
  • Lock picking
  • Extortion
  • Larceny
  • Human (and other sentient) trafficking
  • Smuggling
  • Violence
  • Murder
  • Numbers running
  • Gambling hosting
  • And more!

Interested in hiring us? Whisper "Black Lotus" into the winds to request a job.

Is this your kind of role-play? Why not consider joining us?

Assuming the Black Lotus actually exists—which it doesn't. Ahem.))