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Shiumai's Death

Transcript of the final interactions of Shiumai Breezetail

As captured by the "Elephant" add-on:

18:57:08 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord chuckles a rumbling laugh and says, "Yes, but none worth eating. I just catch 'em and toss 'em back as a form of … mindfulness, I suppose."
18:57:56 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord tilts his head toward the Pandaren, and a smile spread across his face, and it was almost liked a wicked smirk. "I've heard that voice before." he said with his own laugh. "Shiumai, correct? You tell stories at the literacy circle everyonce in a while! Oh
18:57:56 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord i'm a big fan."
18:59:03 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord grins and says, "Guilty as charged." He then pauses and smirks lopsidedly, then asks, "You're not a fan are you? I'd hope to avoid a certain level of … notoriety."
19:00:48 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord gave a gentle laugh. "Let's just say i'm also apart of the petals of a dark flowers." he whispered softly, following his fishing line to the bobber in the water. "But I have heard a few of your stories. You're a great teller."
19:01:59 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord gives Jaxon a slow and steady gaze, ending with a grin. He offers, "Well, it's certainly nice to encounter someone as fond as flowers as I am."
19:02:12 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Botany has been a hobby of mine for some time—more so than fishing.
19:02:34 [Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord]: As well as mine. I've never met you officially though. My name is Jaxon Hall, but the flowers like to call me Dean Blackmore. 
19:02:35 Jaxonhall bows down graciously.
19:02:42 You bow before Jaxonhall.
19:03:20 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: I'm honored. To be honest, I've left the … er … management of the … "greenhouse" to others lately. But if you're as fond as botany as I am, then it's a pleasure, Dean Blackmore.
19:03:42 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord removes his fishing hat, fanning it briefly across his face.
19:04:30 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Oy, boss!
19:04:35 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord nods his head slowly. "I have met the newest gardeners. Infact I just finished talking to one a few minutes ago." he said with a smile, pulling a hand out to wave off toward the right. "But seeing as you don't run it all anymore, I suppose you have enough
19:04:35 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord time for a drink or two?" he asked, looking over toward him. "Consider it a sharing of botany information."
19:04:37 You blink at Caelbyrn.
19:04:37 Jaxonhall looks at Caelbyrn.
19:04:54 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Cael, you've meet Dean Blackmore?
19:05:01 Caelbyrn eyes Jaxonhall up and down.
19:05:03 [Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord]: Aye. A pleasure.
19:05:04 Jaxonhall bows down graciously.
19:05:17 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Nae, I dinnae. I come bearin' a bit o' news is all. But…
19:05:35 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Relax, Cael. Dean Blackmore is one of us. I am certain of it.
19:05:43 Caelbyrn shrugs at you.  Who knows?
19:05:56 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord bows his head. "I do not come with any harm. What is your news, Cael?"
19:06:13 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: I dinnae mean t'be out o'line boss, but I ain't never 'eard of this Dean Blackmore. Ye mind if I ask 'im a t'ing er two?
19:06:18 You laugh.
19:06:42 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: That news is fer the boss' ears only, "Dean".
19:06:53 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Cael.
19:07:02 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Wot?
19:07:16 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord snickers lightly, looking behind to the Panda. "I don't see why not, but if you wish me to leave, Mr.Breezetail. I will."
19:07:36 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: You may pose your ponderous queries to Dean Blackmore, but do not impose upon my patience any further. I will hear this news.
19:07:45 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Listen, I gots news.
19:07:46 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Aye, right.
19:07:56 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Oy, mate. Dean Blackmore was it? 
19:08:04 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord shifted his gaze back toward the Dwarf. "I'm listening, and yes, it was. A pleasure."
19:08:15 Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord points a thumb to his chest.
19:08:37 Jaxonhall raises his eyebrow inquisitively at Caelbyrn.
19:08:43 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Shadowstone's the name. And sneakin' about's the game
19:08:53 [Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord]: A pleasure, Mr.Shadowstone.
19:09:03 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord stepped up, holding his gloved hand out.
19:09:19 Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord spat in his palm and held it out.
19:09:28 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Call me Cael.
19:09:46 You laugh.
19:09:52 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord raised another eyebrow before snickering. He raised his palm to spit in it, giving his a firm shake. "I shall do so, Cael. Now. What is your questions?"
19:10:01 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Cael, I remember when you first shook my hand that way.
19:10:06 Caelbyrn laughs at you.
19:10:33 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Well, Dean, if that's yer name … and I'm not saying mine's not Cael … 
19:10:34 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: I did eventually appreciate what it signified.
19:10:54 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Do ye ken in what soil a black lotus best flourishes?
19:11:03 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord puts on a wry grin.
19:11:30 Ginya tells a joke.
19:12:17 [Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord]: Well...I believe that'd be the soil inside Pandaria. Correct? From the Vale to the Valley.
19:12:50 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Not exactly.
19:12:51 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: That is correct.
19:12:55 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Boss?
19:13:04 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Cael. You know we haven't used these inquiries for some time.
19:13:13 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Aye but boss?
19:13:19 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Enough. Tell me the news you have to bear.
19:13:27 Caelbyrn lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
19:13:31 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord raised a brow before nodding his head. He took a step back. 
19:13:46 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes boss. That little chickadee that escaped from the cathouse?
19:13:59 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord nods and strokes his chin, asking, "The draenei?"
19:14:07 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Aye, that one. We got her back.
19:14:19 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: I trust her skin in unblemished.
19:14:40 Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord nervously tugs at his ponytail.
19:14:45 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Cael?
19:14:59 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: She'll need a lil' time to recover.
19:15:27 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord narrows his gaze and says lowly, "See to her personally, Cael. She was our best earner."
19:15:31 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Aye, aye.
19:15:38 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Dean.
19:15:40 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Boss.
19:15:42 Caelbyrn bows down graciously.
19:15:43 Jaxonhall bows down graciously.
19:15:47 [Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord]: A pleasure, Cael.
19:15:50 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Make haste!
19:15:53 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Aye!
19:16:17 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: My apologies. You mentioned something of a drink?
19:16:35 Jaxonhall eyes Valroy up and down.
19:16:38 [Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord]: Hi.
19:16:40 You eye Valroy up and down.
19:16:57 Valroy-WyrmrestAccord folds her arms,"You . Leave now before I put a dagger in your neck."
19:17:06 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Ah, so nice to see the lotus bloom in so many ways.
19:17:10 [Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord]: I was about to leave to get some drinks with my friend, Shiumai.
19:17:16 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: Boss?
19:17:20 You laugh.
19:17:38 [Valroy-WyrmrestAccord]: You think we are that stupid, trust no one with information. You are not so smart. If you are going to do something don't treaten a member.
19:17:42 [Valroy-WyrmrestAccord]: Threaten*
19:17:45 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Listen, everyone, we are all friends here.
19:17:57 [Valroy-WyrmrestAccord]: Says the man who said he was going to publicly execute you.
19:18:14 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord looked around in all four ways, giving a low sigh. "Oh dear. How can I execute anyone if i'm by far a guard?"
19:18:29 [Valroy-WyrmrestAccord]: Jaxon we both know you are not a guard.
19:18:38 [Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes. All of you should know this.
19:18:42 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord offers a beatific gaze across the gathered throng and says, "Listen, everyone! Please."
19:18:45 Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord looks to Shiumai and smiles widely, He glances around suddenly and is wondering what is going on. His eyes go to Jaxon Hall and back to Shiu. "Goodness. What did I fall into today?"
19:18:59 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Virethorn! Just in time, I might add.
19:19:28 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: I don't know what's gotten into everyone, but this is a happy reunion.
19:19:40 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: So many of my secretive colleagues come together.
19:19:48 Valroy-WyrmrestAccord slowly turned to Shi,"he betrayed us and told the names of the members publicly."
19:19:53 [Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord]: Shiu, my old friend... My bird dies, I fall in the lake... Now I'm surrounded by a friend and a few heavily armed people. It cannot be my birthday already.
19:19:56 Ariøn-WyrmrestAccord simply crossed his arms where he stood. He was silent for now, snapping his eyes on Jaxon.
19:20:03 You laugh.
19:20:17 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Ma'am, I am certain you are mistaken.
19:20:27 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord looked around the area before giving a loud laugh with Shiumai. "How can I expose names if I know none of yours? The Lotus is secretive to even their own!"
19:20:31 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: Boss, I ain't so sure.
19:20:32 [Valroy-WyrmrestAccord]: No I am not, he just informed one of the members of his actions.
19:20:48 [Valroy-WyrmrestAccord]: And that said member got verifcation from a House stygian member.
19:21:10 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord narrows his gaze at Valroy and raises an eyebrow, asking, "Are your feelings on this matter absolutely … clear?"
19:21:12 [Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord]: House Stygian? Oh. That group of...Asshats and noble cocksuckers.
19:21:23 [Valroy-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes they are Sir.
19:21:41 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord releases a long sigh.
19:21:57 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: Boss?
19:22:15 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Look at us.
19:22:57 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Look at what we've accomplished these past few years.
19:23:03 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord just kind of sat there. Hands held away from his daggers. "I'm not planning anything, Miss."
19:23:34 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord grins and smiles at Maelinne, saying, "Mae … are you not financially independent, free of that terrible landlord?"
19:23:41 Maelinne smiles shyly at you.
19:23:47 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Cael.
19:24:01 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Your backstabbing brother? He threatens you no more, correct?
19:24:11 Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord nods uneasily.
19:24:16 You smile at Valroy.
19:24:28 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Ma'am, you've accomplished much, have you not?
19:25:25 Valroy-WyrmrestAccord tilts her head to the side,"I have no reason to lie, and yes I have. She is coming both of our words against his if you don't believe just mine. He is planning to kill you and expose us, which he already did to a House."
19:25:55 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: I have only your word on that, dear.
19:26:16 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: But Jaxon's word? His has promised a drink. And that I must put value in.
19:26:21 You laugh.
19:26:36 [Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord]: .... If there's a drink I'd be interested.
19:26:38 [Xayna-WyrmrestAccord]: And my word, Sir. I am the aunt of the person you left in charge in your absence
19:26:45 You smile at Xayna.
19:27:02 Macharren-WyrmrestAccord looks around at the group, and eyes Hall. Narrowing his eyes at the man.'
19:27:10 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord offers Xayna an extravagant bow, saying, "Ah, then your timing is more than impeccable."
19:27:12 You bow before Xayna.
19:27:29 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: May I humbly request your name—and for verification, the name of your niece?
19:27:45 [Xayna-WyrmrestAccord]: Ma' name is Xayna, the two are Sor'lenna and Zarlenna.
19:28:36 [Macharren-WyrmrestAccord]: Excuse me, good sirs and ladies...
19:29:15 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord nods to Xayna and then looks to Macharren, asking, "Yes, sir? And who are you?"
19:29:17 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord looked toward Gregor, raising a slightly brow. "Ah. Gregor. A pleasure seeing you again. I believe he can clear my name."
19:29:22 Ariøn-WyrmrestAccord clutched a crumbled paper in one hand, and placed his bow in another. He looked over his shoulder for a second then back to Jaxon.
19:29:56 Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord eyed the newcomers decciding that everyone was too well armed for his liking and vulnerable state. He would slip on two bracers with green crystals  in it. He looked to Zero and asked, "Madame, may I ask a question in private?"
19:30:00 [Macharren-WyrmrestAccord]: Might I ask, very politely, that you not kill this gentleman -just- yet... I need him for some information. I am Doctor Gregori Fremen, of the House Fremen... And I interest, in seeing this man hang. But not yet...
19:30:14 [Valroy-WyrmrestAccord]: As you wish.
19:30:32 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord laughs and asks, "Who's getting hung? This seems all rather presumptuous."
19:30:54 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Cael, you're to see to that draenei kitten. What are you doing here?
19:30:59 [Caelbyrn-WyrmrestAccord]: Right, sorry boss.
19:31:13 [Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord]: First and foremost, I am not... 'One of you'. I am a close friend of Ser Breezetail. So you don't have to answer my question... Who is the one Mister Hall divulged this information to?
19:31:38 Macharren-WyrmrestAccord glances over at Hall once more, and smirks. "I believe, we all know who that personage is... Now, I take it you folks are assocaites, no?"
19:31:38 [Valroy-WyrmrestAccord]: Here. Excuse me Shi.
19:31:51 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord quickly pulled free the gun at his holster, cocking the hammer back he pointed it directly toward Shiumai's temple as Arion turned around. His finger pressed against a trigger and a bullet suddenly flew out toward the Pandaren's head. A loud bang escaping
19:31:51 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord from the bullet. "Black Lotus is dead!"
19:32:08 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: Mae, finish the task I assigned this morning—
19:32:47 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord blinked and raised a paw to his head and stared as if in a dream.
19:32:51 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: Shoo!
19:33:06 [Borsen-WyrmrestAccord]: Here now! What's the meaning of all this?
19:33:15 [Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord]: HOLD UP!
19:33:15 Macharren-WyrmrestAccord raises his hand, and produces a large amount of flame. "RUN!"
19:33:26 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord staggers lopsidedly, completely dumbfounded.
19:33:39 Macharren-WyrmrestAccord *aiming it up into the air... Need some coffee.))
19:33:40 [Xayna-WyrmrestAccord]: He just shot that man, Renault!
19:33:48 [Xayna-WyrmrestAccord]: I warned you..
19:34:00 Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord leaps to Shiumai's aid.
19:34:17 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord tries to smile, but instead falls over onto his stomach.
19:34:17 You lie down.
19:34:25 Maelinne kneels before you.
19:34:28 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: SHOO!
19:34:30 Borsen kneels down.
19:34:37 Cespenar kneels before you.
19:34:41 [Borsen-WyrmrestAccord]: You all right there big guy?
19:34:50 [Borsen-WyrmrestAccord]: ((He shot the panda right?))
19:35:01 [Ariøn-WyrmrestAccord]: In the fuckin' head lol)
19:35:16 [Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord]: ((Yeah, he used the Legion "Pistol Shot" ability to put a bullet right through his head!))
19:35:18 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord tensed slightly as a tranq dart suddenly went into the back of his neck, right under his ear and a grin formed on his face. "What a way to die." he weakly pointed the gun toward Xayna as the man suddenly blasted fire but he only fell into the pond. 
19:35:21 Jaxonhall lies down.
19:35:35 [Mantoniel-WyrmrestAccord]: (( Emoting! ))
19:35:36 [Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord]: Legion came out early for me. 
19:35:38 [Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord]: ))
19:35:41 [Mantoniel-WyrmrestAccord]: (( After reading up, that is ))
19:35:46 Cespenar stares Jaxonhall down.
19:35:58 Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord leaps to her feet and yells, "Get that bastard!"
19:35:58 Borsen-WyrmrestAccord frowns and places a hand on the pandaren's head, whispering a prayer to the Light. Golden light would begin to emenate from his hand, hopefully this helps heal the poor fluffy bastard.
19:36:05 Borsen kneels before you.
19:36:24 [Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord]: Oh gods.... Shiu.... Why...
19:36:26 Borsen kneels before you.
19:36:46 Shiumai-WyrmrestAccord makes a final twitch as his brain dies, blood leaking from his head and into the soil.
19:36:53 Borsen lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
19:36:59 [Borsen-WyrmrestAccord]: I'm so sorry...
19:37:07 Macharren-WyrmrestAccord shakes his head slowly, as he turns to retreat. "Marrion, the madness you send me into..." 
19:37:21 Xayna-WyrmrestAccord blinked backing away as she saw the gun being pointed at her before it fell away. Looking to Arion she looked towards Shi  then to Jaxon.
19:37:34 Emerly-WyrmrestAccord tries pulling Jaxon up by the nape, since no one else is.
19:37:34 Mantoniel-WyrmrestAccord had moved forth- the gunfire signaling him. Hard strides carried him forth as both palms raised- the water in which Jaxon fell in quickly solidifed into an icy prison- frost locking around the firearm, and heavily around the mans arms and chest. Due to
19:37:34 Mantoniel-WyrmrestAccord the fact Jaxon was within water- it was unlikely he'd be able to stop such- especially whilst stunned.
19:38:01 Emerly-WyrmrestAccord retcons I think. ))
19:38:18 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord is just kind of still stunned.
19:38:19 [Xayna-WyrmrestAccord]: Due to the murder hapepning within the kingdom it is my sworn duty to take him to the stockade and let him be sentence .
19:38:24 [Mantoniel-WyrmrestAccord]: -Tend to your friends. We're conducting a citizens arrest. Considering he just shot a man in front of us- that works for suspicion.
19:38:27 Borsen-WyrmrestAccord gently closes the pandaren's eyes (if they're not IC'ly closed already).
19:38:32 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: Someone wake him the fel up.
19:38:38 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: I need to know one thing.
19:38:39 [Emerly-WyrmrestAccord]: He won't for a bit.
19:38:46 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: I NEED TO KNOW WHY, DAMMIT!
19:38:48 Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord would stagger backwards, looking from his friend to the bastard that shot him. "No..." He whispered and fought back the tears. He made his way to Jaxon. "Move... I'm gonna kill him! Get him out of the ice so I can rip this bastard apart!" He would turn,
19:38:48 Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord and approach the group crowding around Jaxon Hall.
19:38:51 [Xayna-WyrmrestAccord]: He is going to the stockade.
19:38:52 [Emerly-WyrmrestAccord]: So do the fuckin' rest of us.
19:39:01 Ariøn-WyrmrestAccord blinked as he heard the noise, turning to look back. His eyes snap to Jaxon as he fell, seeing where he was gonna aim next. "You son of a bitch!" He gripped him from the collar and with his free hand punched him in the jaw.
19:39:29 Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord streams tears as shell yells: "Why? Why you fucker? WHY?!"
19:39:31 Emerly-WyrmrestAccord needs to know if Jax is frozen. If so, nobody can very well grab him. ))
19:39:39 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord is also frozen.
19:39:54 Valroy-WyrmrestAccord aron punched him before he got frozen just a slow typer=) )
19:39:58 Valroy-WyrmrestAccord Arion*
19:40:07 [Ariøn-WyrmrestAccord]: I sorry i gotta pee Dx)
19:40:52 [Valroy-WyrmrestAccord]: I warned you, you stupid panda.
19:41:03 Maelinne lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
19:41:05 Mantoniel-WyrmrestAccord moved inwards, and sharply sent his shoulder towards the side of Arion. "Move- he is subdued. Do not kill him. He will answer for this in court." He looked to Emerly. "Find the guard- immediately." If noone had done so, and Jaxon wasn't held by anyone,
19:41:05 Mantoniel-WyrmrestAccord he'd reach to wrasp his gauntlets around the mans frame, and wrasp him upwards- out of the water.
19:41:11 [Borsen-WyrmrestAccord]: You might want to show the man a bit more respect. He's dead.
19:41:31 [Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord]: Break him out, I said! I will not let this transgression go unpunished! Him, his family and those he work for are all going to die!
19:41:41 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: No.
19:41:53 Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord takes a deep and shuddering breath.
19:41:55 Emerly-WyrmrestAccord steps back, hesitant, head bowed. "- Need me ta put this one down too?"
19:41:59 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord is hoisted out the water and an obvious bruise is forming on his jaw.
19:42:02 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: Everyone stop!
19:42:09 Mantoniel looks at Emerly.
19:42:22 [Mantoniel-WyrmrestAccord]: No. Fetch the guard.
19:42:30 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: It's time. Our time has come. Shoo's death signifies it.
19:42:38 [Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord]: Then if you won't give him to me, give me names!
19:42:41 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: It's time justice be done.
19:42:47 [Xayna-WyrmrestAccord]: I am a paladin of the church I have the authority to arrest him and take him to the stockade.
19:42:59 [Valroy-WyrmrestAccord]: Now he is a dead stupid panda.
19:43:04 [Borsen-WyrmrestAccord]: As am I. Also a knight of Stormwind.
19:43:24 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: Arrest those responsible. But let them be lenient.
19:43:43 [Borsen-WyrmrestAccord]: He'll get a fair trial, that's all I can promise.
19:43:44 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: In their treatment. They … they acted to end … end a blight.
19:43:51 [Mantoniel-WyrmrestAccord]: -As am I. And thusly this is a citizens arrest. He will be brought in for questioning, and a court date shall be set.
19:44:11 Maelinne kneels before you.
19:44:11 Ariøn-WyrmrestAccord would simply let go and look at the paper on the ground, picking it back up. "If the man isn't dead soon I will skin him later..." He then walked over to Xayna, pressing his hand on her shoulder. "We need to talk, now."
19:44:25 Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord places a quick kiss upon Shiumai's head.
19:44:38 [Maelinne-WyrmrestAccord]: Now I should go before I'm implicated.
19:44:41 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord is just being held up by Renault.
19:44:52 Jaxonhall-WyrmrestAccord also suggests someone bury Shiumai but y'know.
19:45:05 Borsen-WyrmrestAccord will get his DK on that.
19:45:22 Borsen looks at Cespenar.
19:45:26 Cespenar-WyrmrestAccord was shaking with rage, but holding himself back from lashing out at those innocent of hurting his friend. He turned to Shiumai and would lean over the pandaren and hug him. "I won't let you be forgotten, my old friend..."
19:45:30 Mantoniel-WyrmrestAccord hoisted Jaxon farther up- over his shoulder. He'd exhale habitually, before looking towards the fallen pandaren. He then looks towards the large worgen by his side.
19:45:30 Cespenar kneels before you.
19:45:36 [Mantoniel-WyrmrestAccord]: -Your testimony will be needed.
19:45:40 [Borsen-WyrmrestAccord]: I'm sorry for your loss, sir.
19:45:47 [Borsen-WyrmrestAccord]: I wish I'd gotten here sooner...